One screen and one level puzzle made within 7 days for the 
Confounding Calendar 2023

Click + drag to interact
R = Restart
X = Continue

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Audio library:

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almost done but can't figure out how to get ophelia and clovis satisfied at once can I have a hint ?

Sure thing! :)

ROT13: Uvag: Gurl qb abg xabj jung gurl pnaabg frr.

I have finally satisfied all the actor's unhinged needs and won (after breaking way too many exquisite Italian items.) Thank you for the hint (as well as the one below about farnxl uvatrf)!

Awesome, thanks for playing!

cant quite figure out how angela and xavier really work could i get a hint about it ?

Sure thing, here's a ROT13 hint:

Ful crbcyr graq gb nibvq qverpg rlr pbagnpg.

ok i can get behind that stilll xavier confuses me a lot sometimes gur qbbe bcravat punatrf uvf zbbq qbrf guvf unir fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu birenyy unccvarff ?

Rkmnivre vf na rkgerzr rkgebireg, ur yvxrf ovt tebhcf bs crbcyr. Gur bcra qbbe oybpxf uvz sebz fbpvnyvmvat jvgu Uvagba.

jryy jvgu gurfr uvagf v znantrq gb trg oebxra yrtf qbja gb bayl uvagb trggvat uvz ng gur irel raq nsgre oernxvat gur fperra va guerr cynprf v pna fjrne gurer vf fbzrguvat zber uvf orunivbe vz cerggl fher v fnj uvz or svar jvgu fbzr fperraf oebxra va gjb cynprf

Uvagba jnagf gb frr ng yrnfg 6 frgf bs uvatrf, oernxvat 3 jbhyq znxr gung vzcbffvoyr. Oernxvat 2 chgf lbh ng 5 uvatrf + bar farnxl uvatr. V ubcr gung urycf!

haha knew immediately what the introvert wanted! Fun game!

Thank you very much!

huh. stealing the privacy screen pushed the stage director off the theater balcony. i really did steal the show (and the screen)

Happy to hear someone found this scenario, thanks for playing! :)

I broke their legs to get a role.  Well done! 

Proud of you! Thanks for playing!