The Square Root Of All Evil - Update 0.0.1

Hey Itch,

I finally found the time to do a small post-jam update. I've added some minor polish and quality of life changes. The most important change being that players can now press R to reset the level to its begin-state. Except for some tweaks the game contains the same 12 levels from the original jam. I may return to this project to explore additional levels and/or mechanics in the future.

Patch notes:
- added a level reset button [R]
- changed the quit game button [ESC]
- fixed slightly off-center collision boxes
- fixed a visual bug in the $ value counter
- fixed a visual bug where the red merge/split cursor would flash in invalid positions
- added sound effects to the red merge/split cursor for valid positions
- tweaked the CAPITAL level
- tweaked the SURPLUS level
- tweaked the DIVIDEND level
- tweaked the CORRUPTION level
- renamed the AMASS level to ACCRUE
- renamed the HARVEST level to COLLECT

Thanks to everyone who played and rated the game during the jam! I'm very satisfied ranking 15th in Gameplay and 45th Overall.

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Sep 11, 2023

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