Imagine Lifetimes - Soundtrack Reveal

Dear itch-io!

I realize it's been a while, I've been working tirelessly under the radar to make the full release of the ''Imagine Lifetimes - Deadly Edition'' a reality! I'm happy to announce that the full game will be coming to Steam, GameJolt and on September 25th! Ofcourse, you'll still be able to play the free ''Early Edition'' right here on for all eternity.

You can now wishlist Imagine Lifetimes on Steam to be notified of the release in September!

With the full release steadily approaching, there's some exciting stuff coming up. In addition to everything you've seen in the Early Edition, the full game will contain 10 new endings, new voice-actor(s), achievements, a main story line AND progression towards that one final ending...

More on that very soon!

To get you started, this is 'Craving Closure', the latest soundtrack added to the Imagine Lifetimes line-up:

It's the first piece of the puzzle, what do you think?



Imagine Lifetimes - Early Edition 1.1.1 135 MB
Jan 24, 2020

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