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Imagine Lifetimes - Early Edition update 1.1.0 is now available!
Imagine Lifetimes - Deadly Edition is coming in 2020 (date TBA)

Imagine Lifetimes is a narrative driven simulation game about the meaning of life. Shape your path through a series of life-changing decisions as you choose your way to the end.


  • Dreadfully lighthearted entertainment
  • The true meaning of life
  • An existential crisis

As in real life, two randomly generated parents define your character through genes. Born with the ability to choose, your actions and decisions shape the paths ahead of you.


  • Explore a wide variety of ever-changing paths and endings
  • Choose wisely, every choice has the potential to affect your playthrough
  • Question the absurdity of existence as you figure out what it means to be alive


I've been working on Imagine Lifetimes for over three years now. This project once started as a simple jam game called A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations here on Itch.io. Now, years later, I'm taking this project to the next level. Follow this page to catch the latest news, updates and announcements.

Thank you for supporting the development of Imagine Lifetimes!

Updated 6 days ago
Published 22 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsExperimental, Life Simulation, Point & Click, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Step 1: Download the .zip

Step 2: Unpack the .zip

Step 3: Play the .exe

Step 4: Enjoy the game! -Frycandle


ImagineLifetimes_EarlyEdition_1.1.0.zip 135 MB

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The accuracy. The humor. The snarky parents. The cactus! Imagine Lifetimes feels like a nearly perfect simulation of actual life. Definitely an interesting experience and I'm curious to see what other paths I can take.

Good job, devs.

Hey Skydjinn, thank you for checking out Imagine Lifetimes! Stay tuned as the ''Deadly Edition'' is expected to arrive later this year. (second half of 2020-ish)


There is a lot of psychological and philosophical considerations in this game that you don't even realize when you are playing it. Happy to finally play it!  

Thank you Jar_Red, I'm glad you mentioned those deeper and sometimes hidden themes and thoughts throughout the game! It's really at the core of what I'm trying to convey with this little project. :) 

Appreciate it,

Honestly this game is amazing, I had fun trying to ruin my own life, like I do IRL. If  you are interested, check out the vid below 

Hey Seeker227, thanks a lot for checking out the game, I’m glad you liked it! Also I really appreciate the video.


I thought this game wasn't on itch? Did it just get released? Anyway I just wanted to say great game :) I enjoyed it a lot and once you think you're done, you're not actually done because there's so much to do! Thanks for an amazing game!

Hi doubleowo, it used to be exclusively on GameJolt, but over the holidays I decided it was the right time for the game to spread out its wings and fly out to itch.io and IndieDB as well.

Thank you so much for the kind words,

I will admit that I didn't expect too much of this game. But, you guys proved me wrong as I have been playing it for the last hour or so. I like the little bits of humor and mini games that come along with the choices you make within each category. I like how unexpected things happen, just like in real life. No two rounds are ever exactly the same. This is a very well thought out and smooth running game. I enjoyed playing it, although I do wish there was more.

More categories to go through and maybe more in depth choices on the existing categories. Also, I wish there was more for retirement. Surely most old people don't sit in a chair all day? 

Other than that I have no complaints. Kudos for an interesting and captivating game.

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Hey cringecat13, it's great to hear that you were pleasantly surprised!

Thank you, the very fact that you are wishing there was more is a huge compliment. I completely agree with you in terms of content. In fact this is something I'll be working on over the course of this year. What you just played is the Early Edition, a free demo build of the game. I'm planning to release the extended Deadly Edition later in 2020, with new content to explore and some necessary improvements to what's already there.

I've taken note of your feedback regarding the Retirement path. :)

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with me, 

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